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Boosting business with science

Innventia is a world-leading research and development company that works with innovations based on forest raw materials. The majority of our operations are carried out in project form via research programmes involving many partners, such as the three-year Innventia Research Programme, or in development projects with individual customer companies. Innventia also carries out a large number of direct commissions in the form of analyses, testing and demonstrations in our lab and pilots.

Our business concept is to produce and refine research findings and ideas based on forest raw materials, for the benefit of customers throughout the entire value chain. We call this approach Boosting Business with Science.

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CTP... Innovate for the future

CTP is your French industrial partner for Applied Research, Consultancy, Testing Laboratories and Training Courses... CTP helps innovate products & processes at laboratory, pilot and industrial scale; develops knowledge and makes you more competitive!

CTP is independent and impartial, with high level of Scientific Expertise in:

  • Lignocellulosic chemistry
  • Bio-based materials
  • Health and safety applications
  • Packaging of the Future
  • Printed electronics - Smart paper
  • New value for recovered paper & board
  • Water - Energy
  • Printed communication
  • Industrial performance

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